To reform the house, buy a car … what loans do the big banks offer?

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Préstamos bancarios 

From advancing money to face the declaration of income to loans to finance university studies, travel, buy a car or reform the home. Citrus North has specialized in offering loans tailored to the needs of the client. Obviously, the greater the amount, the more often the commissions or interests (and the return period) are. These are the loans and credits offered by the main Spanish banks:



CaixaBank has a wide range of loans to finance consumption depending on the purpose, relationship and the target audience, according to sources at the bank. It is currently very focused on the consumer campaign Family Illusions. The aim is to market, through Compra Estrella (PromoCaixa, wholly owned subsidiary of CaixaBank), a selection of products, mainly technological, such as smartphones, TV, and home, which can be financed at 0% APR.

# The Family Loan can reach up to 60,000 euros and the repayment period up to 6 years, depending on the amount. The final conditions of the interest rate depend on the bond. These loans, according to CaixaBank sources, are mainly focused on possible home reforms.

CaixaBank also has the Auto Loan (for the purchase of cars or motorcycles, with the possibility of repayment in up to 8 years). Other offers are focused on studies: the Exprés Estudios Loan (to finance university studies: from a thousand euros to be repaid in up to 12 months), or the Erasmus Master Loan (up to € 18,000 and 6 years of repayment).



The 1l2l3 loan is an exclusive consumer loan for customers who have the 1l2l3 Account of Santander and who take out the Santander Protection Loans Single-Premium Insurance. The annual nominal interest rate is 6.95% 10.31% APR fulfilling requirements. The opening fee is 2.25%. Banco Santander highlights the convenience of the loan since you can choose the monthly payment that you want to pay and also the flexibility (it can be returned up to 8 years).

Santander offers until June 30 the Car Loan, which lowers its interest rate to 5.50% TIN (6.06% APR) during the first year. These conditions, reviewable annually, can be maintained in subsequent years if the client has his salary registered in Santander. The amount to request ranges between € 5,000 and € 90,000 and the return period up to eight years, choosing the quota that best suits the customer’s needs.

Santander offers personal loans of up to € 60,000 to be repaid in up to 8 years. The final conditions of the interest rate depend on the type of relationship (they improve if the payroll, the pension is domiciled …).


Ibercaja offers a great variety of loans to adjust them to the client’s needs. The Direct Loan is online contracting. Any Ibercaja Directo user can check their available amount and contract it quickly and without paperwork through the telephone, electronic banking or the Ibercaja app. The amount ranges between 150 and 60,000 euros. The interest is fixed and the nominal interest rate (TIN) is 5.90%. It has no opening commission and the term is up to 96 months.

The Payroll Loan is a personal loan of up to € 3,000. The TIN is 0% and the repayment term is 6 months (in fixed monthly installments). They have an opening commission of 2.50%.

The Turboprop stamp is a quick concession for families and individuals, which allows covering any financing need for the acquisition of consumer goods or services. Up to € 60,000 with a TIN of 7.50% and a maximum return period of 96 months.

Ibercaja offers other loans such as Ocasso (for the acquisition of goods), Studies (to finance university studies …) or IRPF (to pay the payment of the income statement).


Bankia’s bet is pre-granted loans, which interested parties can make cash when they wish through the entity’s ATMs, the mobile or tablet app, ‘Bankia online’ and the branch network of the entity.

With the Crédito Puedes Más, the customer can request up to € 60,000 for his next car, a reform, studies, trips … The interest is fixed or variable. It can be amortized in up to 8 years.

The Young Credit is intended for customers between 18 and 30 years old, who can choose between € 1,000 and € 30,000 to pay in up to 60 months. For example, a credit of € 9,000, over a period of 60 months, would end up paying € 11,209.49 between interest and commissions.

Bankia offers other loans, such as the Sustainable (interest of 6% fixed to buy goods that favor sustainable growth), or Investment, for contributions to pension plans.



BBVA sources emphasize that the most requested loans are those formalized by mobile and web (6 out of 10 loans). With online Personal Loans, the client can request up to 75,000 euros with an interest rate of 6.95% TIN. The term of return: 8 years.

BBVA offers loans with an interest rate of 5.70% TIN to buy cars. The minimum amount is 3,000 euros and the maximum 75,000 euros. The minimum term to return it is 2 years and the maximum of 10. The offer is valid until July 31, 2018.

If the client does not do well now to face any of their bills or debit card charges, BBVA offers from 300 to 1,000 euros with an interest of 0% TIN to return in 3 months. The opening commission is 2%. Offer valid until July 31 of this year.


Banco Sabadell has the Point Expansion Loan to finance projects such as vacations, dentist, domestic expenses … The amount goes from 500 to 3,000 €. Interest rate: 0% The only expense is the opening commission (from € 15) depending on the financing term.

For any need, you have the Expansion Loan, from € 500 to € 60,000. Term: up to 8 years. Interest rate: from 7.75%. Opening fee: 2.25% (minimum 75 €). auto credit

To buy vehicles you have the Auto Credit. Amount: up to € 60,000. Term: up to 8 years Interest rate: From 6.75% Opening commission: 2.25% (minimum 75 €).