18 years old, this time when a person is biologically, but basically legally from a child turns into an adult person and as defined in the Law of the Republic of Mafia on the Rights of Children, then a child is a person who has not reached the age of 18. According to these legal norms, a person who has reached the age of 18 is no longer considered a child, therefore it can no longer be adopted, medical services from the state are no longer paid, besides, if a person does not continue after reaching the age of 18 whether it is a type of study, then it is no longer considered a provided person.

Opportunity to get a loan

Opportunity to get a loan

In most countries of the world, including Mafia, the achievement of 18 years of age is the moment when a person becomes an adult person. From the moment of coming of age, many different privileges are offered to a person, who until the age of 18 were not available. In Mafia, from the age of 18, you can take the rights and get a driving license, that is, the rights of a car driver, buy and use tobacco and alcohol products, attend nightclubs, bars, gambling halls and casinos, participate in parliamentary elections, get married, join the professional army, get permission to buy weapons, without extra documentation and without a guardian, travel by air or water transport abroad, as well as legally engage in many other activities that were prohibited about 18 years.

Apart from all the above mentioned classes, from the age of 18 there is an opportunity to get a loan.

Of course, you need to remember that all the above-mentioned sectors of banking and non-bank lending definitely do not issue loans to all persons who have reached the age of 18, just as before issuing any loan, lenders assess the performance of their potential client — credit history, creditworthiness, volume desired loan.

If these indicators are negative or do not meet the requirements of the lender, there is little doubt about the issue of the loan, because a client who has already spoiled his credit history once or has a poor solvency will be able to settle these credit obligations. Doubt is further enhanced by the fact that the person is only 18 years old, and her sense of responsibility and independence, as the experience of most creditors shows, has not yet stabilized. Namely, the lack of moral maturity of a person is a factor why most lenders do not even offer their services to persons who are only 18 years old, although the law does not prohibit it. Honestly, such people are in an increased risk group, because they, taking a loan because of irresponsibility and youth stupidity, can spoil their credit history, and this may affect any loan commitments in the future, as well as this will adversely affect the financial condition of the lending company. At the age of 18, many still study and do not work, therefore, if a person is responsible enough and reasonable enough to apply for a loan, all the same it remains to be unable to pay.

If we are talking about the credit history of a potential client, then it evaluates whether you settled your previous obligations. Credit history spoil factors such as non-payment of payments or their delay. As experience shows, the smallest chances to get a loan are when a person has not settled previous loan commitments. The discipline of payments is also essential, if a person regularly delays payments, this indicates her forgetfulness and lack of confidence in her. A positive fact in evaluating the credit history of an 18-year-old person is that it is, most likely, not yet corrupted, because, as we know, until reaching the age of 18 in Mafia it is not possible to receive a loan. The young borrower, if he just does not depend on the permanent loans, there are more chances to get a loan.

Assessing the creditworthiness of a potential client, that is, his solvency, the income of a person is evaluated – their regularity and volume. If a person has a stable income, and it corresponds to the volume of the loan and the repayment term, then the person can be considered creditworthy. Firstly, it is estimated whether the person has a job and a salary. If they are not there, then other sources of income that an 18-year-old person could have — social benefits, fees, donations, parents ’financial resources, so-called passive income, etc., are considered. If the total amount of other incomes and their regularity are adequate in comparison with the loan amount, and the credit history is positive, in fact the lender has no excuse to refuse the loan.

If, due to the above-mentioned factors, both bank and non-bank lenders refuse (except for fast loans), a pledge or loan guarantee can be offered, where the parents of an 18-year-old person can become a guarantor. The guarantee can compensate for the lack of necessary conditions for a person to obtain a loan. At the age of 18, the most current type of loan with a guarantee is a student loan, because at this age most of the young people are still studying and are not working yet.

If we are talking specifically about lenders who issue fast loans, it should be noted that most of these lenders do not have a detailed and serious assessment of credit history and solvency, because the technology of applying for and issuing a loan is specific to them. The application and issuance of fast credits occurs via the Internet, or not rarely, via SMS, therefore, the assessment of a potential client occurs superficially, a completed, specially designed application form for a loan that requires specific data is automatically evaluated on the Internet. Moreover, these creditors can afford to act this way, because they give out not large sums, and for a short period of repayment, so reducing their financial risks. Therefore, we can conclude.

Quick loan

Quick loan

Quick loan, this is a short-term type of non-bank loan, for which an application is submitted on the Internet, it is transferred to the account within 15 minutes, given out for a period of up to 45 days, in the amount of from 1 to 10,000 EUR with the help of SMS, technologically turning this loan into SMS credit.

If you are 18 years old and you have a bad credit history or poor solvency, it is not recommended to take any type of loans, but if your credit history is positive, carefully evaluate your financial situation, responsibly weigh the need to take a loan – maybe you can do without him

If, nevertheless, you decide on the benefit of the loan, we suggest that you compare in this table the list of fast credit lenders who have provided services to people over the age of 18.

Credits from the age of 18 practically need to be issued to all borrowers, as long as the young men have reached the barrier of 18 years of age, they are officially considered adults, and therefore, they should be provided with all those services intended for adults. Therefore, it looks strange when a person who has the right to enter into a marriage, drive a vehicle and consume alcoholic beverages is unable to borrow money, which theoretically is his right. Of course, not all young men are old enough to make rational decisions, but just as well in 30, and in 40 years, there are many people who have a “childish mind”, and that we also need to forbid them to take loans? 18 years old is a transitional link, and if all other things that we consider are meant for adults and are allowed from that age, then there should not be any obstacles for getting a loan either. Moreover, reading the law, it does not say that loans cannot be given to young men who are 18 years old and even vice versa, if we consider human rights, it may even seem to be a violation that a certain group of people do not offer services, although they are considered adults.

If we look at these statistics, then it is clear that 18-year-old young men in Mafia on average make up almost 30 thousand, and if we count 19 and 20-year-olds, then the total number is almost 70 thousand, and a quick loan cannot be obtained for all these people. These young men are probably not thrilled that they are deprived of this type of service, even if most of them will not use them, but surely there are people who will need it, but who will not have such an opportunity. Therefore, it seems to me that lenders do not need to restrict a certain part of the population with such a view and still issue loans from the age of 18.