BOTB’s Christian Williams replaces Virgin Radio’s mic with cars


Christian Williams spends his life either driving a supercar or at the microphone.

In the latest issue of his monthly car column for the Departmental press, the BOTB presenter hangs up his mic as a Virgin Radio DJ (for now) and turns green with envy over missing the Sandown Sprint.

Christian writes: It’s not often I’m envious when it comes to cars. After all, I’m so lucky when it comes to driving some of the newest and greatest, as well as getting VIP invites to all sorts of unveilings and insider functions.

I donate supercars for a living and spend my free time drooling over auction sites and Ferrari forums.

Christian’s friend, Toby, in his Lotus. Photo: Rob Schaverien.

It’s a hell of a job but someone has to do it, right?

Yet earlier this month I sat at my desk in London with a face like thunder.

I was doing my best to focus while every 30 seconds another friend of mine posted a photo on Instagram of the Island Car Center Sandown Sprint, the twice-cancelled speed event that thankfully ran for the third time with luck on April 2.

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With weather gods and throngs of people desperate to make the most of the recent easing of Covid restrictions, it was a perfect opportunity to not only show off the best of the island, but to get back to some of the racing traditions that we have enjoyed in the past.

After all, who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned razz on a road that’s normally speed-restricted or busy with locals doing 20 mph?

Isle of Wight County Press: Richard Weaver in his car, ready to take on the Sandown Sprint.  Photo: Rob Schaverien.Richard Weaver in his car, ready to take on the Sandown Sprint. Photo: Rob Schaverien.

The support from the Isle of Wight has been outstanding – not only turning up in droves to support the event, but providing the welcome mat to motoring enthusiasts across the UK.

And we haven’t even talked about the cars yet… what a collection of beauties! Big credit to a good friend of mine, Toby, who managed to get his first-in-class Lotus, Richard Weaver, whom I saw, knows the roads of Sandown as well as those of Bembridge, and there were plenty other fantastic cars on show thoroughly!

So hats off to the organizers – their determination paid off and they put on a hugely impressive show, so I’m desperate to have it back next year and that I can be involved in some way.

All of my friends posted their speed test times, so I definitely have something to aim for!

The sprint was, in many ways, behind my decision to step back from Virgin Radio this month.

I loved my time there and I’m sure I’ll be back behind the mic soon, but the weekend shifts meant I was never able to slip away on a Friday night and make the most of the best motoring events from the United Kingdom.

Working Monday to Friday for BOTB – which means traveling all over the UK and Europe – and then working the weekends on my radio show got chaotic.

I’ve never had any downtime (my girlfriend will attest to that), let alone free time, and because I’m obsessed with cars I was ready to take the hit and see what the life without a mixer in front of me for a bit.

Admittedly, it’s sad to say goodbye for now, and a bit scary, especially since I had really developed an affinity with listeners, but I’ve been involved in radio for my entire life as a listener. adult, so I doubt it will be as good until I’m back on the air somewhere.

In the meantime, I’m going to make the most of my free time and drive all over the UK in search of cool motoring events, races and festivals.

In fact, feel free to message me on Instagram – @christianw – if you have any interesting car info.

I look forward to snooping around as much as possible in the coming months and am always on the lookout for interesting places and activities.

Don’t tell my girlfriend yet… I think she expected to have me all to herself for a while!


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