Busy weather at River Dee Radio


There are a lot of new shows coming to River Dee Radio.

Familiar favorites like Chuck’s Choice, Mike’s Elevenses, The Bett Bros, That Friday Feeling, and Classical Connections have been joined by new shows. These include Jim’s World of Jazz, A Time to Read, Roots & All, and Rock Billy Boogie.

This week the station will celebrate St. Andrew’s Day with a whole week of Scottish-themed programs. There will be a special page for St. Andrew’s Day on the new riverdeeradio.org.uk website.

Head over to to find all the station information you need, including schedules, catch-up programs and how you can listen to RDR live.

On December 1, the station will launch its Christmas campaign. RDR gives you the option to send a Christmas message or request a Christmas song to share across the world. Just an email [email protected] with details.

On the website, you can listen to the Christmas Panto, written by one of the presenters, Jane Grieve. You will be able to catch up with the installments on a weekly basis. There will be a dedicated page on the website for River Dee Radio’s Christmas Panto.

The station offers a number of community programs and the team is keen to engage with the communities and businesses of Deeside and Deeside. If you want to share a story, send information or if you want to join the station, send an email [email protected]


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