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Chris Evans was caught off guard Wednesday morning Blank radio show when her guest, award-winning actress Sally Hawkins, burst into tears live on air. She appeared alongside the radio DJ to talk about her latest onscreen role voicing the Snail in the BBC Christmas adaptation of Julia Donaldson’s 2003 picture book The Snail and the whale.

Based on the story of an unlikely friendship between a snail and a humpback whale who roam the world together, the show stars numerous British actors, including Sally and Rob Brydon, who voices the whale.

But hearing an excerpt from the upcoming screening on Chris’ show, emotion overwhelmed her.

Chris let it be known that Sally “is not a huge fan of herself” by watching or hearing her voice on the screen.

And, her emotion peaked when the former BBC Radio Two host brought in children to give her feedback on her performance in animation.

“I’m pretty nervous,” she said after describing what it was like to play the part in the Christmas animation.

“I know why you’re nervous,” Chris hinted as he was interrupted.

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“Is this my voice? Sally asked, wondering what had betrayed her.

He went on to explain, “Sally isn’t a huge fan of herself because she can’t look at herself on screen.”

“Or hear my voice!” she whispered, laughing.

Chris laughed, “And she couldn’t even hear her voice, and she just heard this clip of herself and she literally died a thousand deaths!”

Sally could be heard whimpering, “You made me cry!” She moaned, as the radio DJ chuckled in shock.

“I think it’s just the early morning emotion and too much coffee. It’s Christmas!”

The listeners then heard plenty of moans from the actress as Chris tried to comfort her: “You are incredible at your work, you know that”, he reassured his guest.

In order to distract himself, he suggested, “I’m going to play a song! As Sally laughed through her tears.

“It’s Noah, it’s Noah in the room,” she exclaimed.

“It’s Christmas, I’m all moved, what’s going on ?!”

As part of the children’s commentary Chris hosted for Sally earlier in the series, his own 10-year-old son Noah appeared to reveal his thoughts on the snail and the whale.

“I thought it was great,” he said after he, Chris, his seven-year-old brother Ely and their friend watched a private laptop screening the day before.

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Sally seemed overwhelmed by the youngster’s glowing comments, so much so that it was just too much.

Still in tears, she stammered: “Thank God it’s not on TV!”

“There is the joy of Christmas and the tears of Christmas,” Chris joked, before thinking of a solution.

“Do you know who we need? We need the Christmas version of international rescue, we need Michel Bublé!

Sally suddenly went from whining to screaming laughing, and Chris couldn’t understand.

“Have you been on the sherry, Sally?” He asked, bewildered.

“No, I would have liked to have had it! ” She said.

She went on to insist that her crying was due to Noah and the comments she had received from other children.

“Bless all the little children,” laughed Chris.

“Even the pesky 10 year olds who asked too much of Santa for Christmas, you know that, don’t you!” He turned his attention to his son, who was still in the studio.

Phaseless and unconscious, Noah swept him aside as his father and Sally continued to laugh.

Wondering what Santa will bring to Noah this year?

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky airs weekdays at 6.30am on Virgin Radio.


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