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Chris Evans, 53, took aim at Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan after he and the rest of the breakfast TV panel tried out the new Instagram filter that determines your age. And Chris took the opportunity to hit the presenter outspoken.

The host and his co-stars Rachel Horne and Vassos Alexander were discussing the latest showbiz news as they stumbled upon the latest Instagram filter that took users by storm.

“It’s in the papers today about the aging app that you can try out, right, Chris started the conversation.

“Because a lot of GMBs were there – Susanna Reid took a picture of herself or had one taken, and she looks fantastic!”

“But this aging app says she is 60 now, not what she will look like when she is 60, the app has aged her to 60!” the host chuckled as he looked mortified.

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Susanna is actually 49 years old, so you can’t imagine her results were going well!

The former BBC host went on to document more celebrities who had taken on the tall order, one of them being former Girl Aloud star Cheryl Cole, whom the app aged 47 while ‘she is only 36 years old.

Chris then burst out laughing as he read the results of the upcoming GMB star, something that didn’t suit his co-star Rachel.

“It’s 34-year-old Piers Morgan! ” he stated.

Rachel and Vassos also chuckled when the host asked, “Gender bias? Referring to the fact that he had aged his female users older than the men.

Chris shrugged, “I don’t know! No offense, but Piers didn’t look 34 when he was 34!

The trio burst out laughing as Chris rummaged through the 54-year-old ITV host before moving on to the next segment of the program.

Earlier last year, Piers took part in the viral FaceApp challenge, which offers a look at things to come with filters, showing how celebrities can age – sometimes with dramatic results.

The presenter took to his social media to share a snap of his wrinkled complexion with an ironic caption to fans.

Sharing a selfie of his graying hair and heavily wrinkled face, Piers simply captioned the snap, “I need a break.”

The discussion seemed to put Rachel back in a good mood, after she broke into tears while reading a listeners message on the Friday morning show.

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The co-stars were discussing listeners’ favorite songs, but as Rachel read a post she was overcome with emotion.

“Today the absolute classic is chosen by Theresa Williams of Luton in Bedfordshire,” she read.

“She says I’m a palliative care assistant for Hospice At Home.

“I love my job and always meet the most amazing people, but it can be difficult. “

Suddenly there was complete silence, as Rachel’s voice fell on her last words.

This moment was followed by a long pause, where it seemed like she had stepped away from the microphone.

Listeners heard some sniffles, before she came back and continued to read: “Every morning you charge me a lot of joy and happiness and in fact this song is your show in a nutshell,” he said. she struggled, a frog in her throat and her eyes full. of tears.

Trying to make her words heard, she performed Theresa’s chosen song, Walking On Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves, before having to step away from the microphone for a moment.

Chris rushed over to comfort his co-host after she was done speaking: “Well done Rachel,” he soothed.

“Tons of love come for Rachel for obvious reasons.”

“God bless you and God bless Rach,” the host said addressing the listeners.

“It’s all good in the hood now, but before – just one of those times, you know?” One of those trigger moments that’s good for you, isn’t it? He said, stepping forward quickly and giving Rachel the time she needed to regroup.

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky airs weekdays at 6 a.m. on Blank radio.


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