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Chris Evans, 53, found himself comforting his Blank radio co-starring Rachel Horne on Friday morning, after a sweet message from a listener caused her to burst into tears. Rachel had to take a short break from reading the bulletin in order to regroup before returning to finish the segment.

The co-stars were discussing listeners’ favorite songs, but as Rachel read a post she was overcome with emotion.

“Today the absolute classic is chosen by Theresa Williams of Luton in Bedfordshire,” she read.

“She says I’m a palliative care assistant for Hospice At Home.

“I love my job and always meet the most amazing people, but it can be difficult. “

Suddenly there was complete silence, as Rachel’s voice fell on her last words.

This moment was followed by a long pause, where it seemed like she had stepped away from the microphone.

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Listeners heard some sniffles, before she came back and continued to read: “Every morning you charge me a lot of joy and happiness and in fact this song is your show in a nutshell,” he said. she struggled, a frog in her throat and her eyes full. of tears.

Trying to make her words heard, she performed Theresa’s chosen song, Walking On Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves, before having to step away from the microphone for a moment.

Chris rushed over to comfort his co-host after she was done speaking: “Well done Rachel,” he soothed.

“Tons of love come for Rachel for obvious reasons.”

The video, which many fans call a “masterpiece,” sparked feelings of grief and longing in viewers, as the artist and his father sit together, looking directly at the camera as he sing the meaningful lyrics.

While reading posts on the first segment of his morning show, Chris came across one that explained how sad the clip was.

“Oh my god, I just watched the James Blunt interview,” the former BBC host read aloud from a listener’s text.

“Just when you think it can’t cry anymore, it does,” said Adam.

James posted the video two weeks ago and it already has over five million views on YouTube.

“Now I haven’t seen that yet,” the host admitted.

“Ozzy Nick watched the video on the news and described to me what happened and I almost burst into tears.

“I haven’t seen it though, I’ll watch it after the show, I won’t watch it during the show!”

Worried after hearing the heartbreaking reviews about the video that he would risk tearing live on air, Chris decided to reduce that risk and leave it until the show was over.

“It’s not a good idea for the rest of the series,” he laughed.

“We still have half a box of tissues left because… well, it doesn’t matter why!

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