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Chris Evans, 55, has always been honest about his feelings with his loyal listeners and this week was no different as he explained how he subconsciously reacts when he senses a wave of worry coming. In a very open discussion with his Virgin Radio co-stars, the presenter revealed he was “itchy and irritable” and needed to fix his mood as soon as possible.

He spoke about identifying his different moods as colored flags, saying, “It’s about turning red flags into amber flags.

“Don’t wait until they are red but realize that they are only at the warning stage.”

He admitted that he “gets it all the time”, and his longtime colleague Vassos Alexander feels the same way too.

“I feel itchy, I feel irritable,” Chris described.

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“I think, ‘I have to go outside, I have to meditate, I have to drink a little more water or I have to sleep a little more.'”

“It’s being able to see those things that in the past were just an excuse to turn right and now they are a reason to turn left.”

His co-star likened the reaction to “the escape”, which Chris completely agreed with.

Elsewhere, the host revealed that he saw surprising changes in his habits after quitting drinking midweek.

“I can already smell tonight [Friday 9 April] I’m not going to want one as much as I wanted one last night when I couldn’t have one, “he told Vassos.

But he quickly added with a laugh, “I’ll always have one, don’t get me wrong!”

Vassos laughs, shamelessly replying: “I’m going to want one… and I’m going to have one!”

This isn’t the first time Chris has decided to forgo the midweek craziness by participating in Stoptober, an initiative where attendees don’t drink for the entire month of October for charity.

He also wrote about how easy it was for him to do this in his book Call the Midlife, where he explained how he went to chat with someone from Alcoholics Anonymous as fear “played in his mind.”

“I went to see someone in AA about alcohol,” he wrote in his autobiography.

“Am I drinking too much, do I have something to worry about?” All these things that worry me.

“I always thought about it. When I went 100 days without drinking it was such an eye-opener because I didn’t touch a drop of it. I didn’t know I could do it for a day.”

He added: “And it was so much easier than I thought it would be and so much less revealing. It didn’t really impact my life.”

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6.30am on Virgin Radio.


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