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Chris Evans made a candid admission on Virgin Radio today as the broadcaster considered quitting hair loss pills. The presenter explained that he did not want to “go bald” as he was considering having a hair transplant.

The 55-year-old is no stranger to talking about his health issues on the air and has discussed the possibility of having cosmetic surgery for his hair.

Speaking to co-stars Vassos Alexander and Rachel Horne, Chris explained that he had “never been in better shape” but had addressed concerns about his hormone levels.

The Virgin Radio host explained that he was researching testosterone and DHT (dihydrotestosterone) – an androgenic sex hormone that helps in the development of what are considered “male” sex characteristics, such as fur.

It can also help you lose your hair faster and earlier.

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Chris said: “I was finding out about my hair pills that I had been taking for a while and why it might affect my testosterone which is apparently one of the reasons I might have to have a hair transplant.”

He added: “I have to stop taking these pills.”

The Virgin Radio host said he was taking clinically proven anti-hair loss pills to fight his thinning hair.

During the show, Chris spoke about the importance of testosterone as he discussed his other health issues.

The Virgin Radio host said he plans to sign up for a hair transplant procedure as he addresses his other health issues as well.

“There are three vanity doors that I have opened,” Chris said. “One being my varicose veins.”

He continued, “Two, have my eyes lasered on that got better.

“It wasn’t a matter of glasses that I just had trouble seeing. I had trouble driving at night.”


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