Kordofan, Darfur shootings kill seven


Seven people, including two children, died and at least five others were injured in a series of attacks by armed men on villages in South Kordofan, as well as West and South Darfur.

Two boys were killed on Saturday in a shootout in El Hedara, southern Um Heitan in Dalami, South Kordofan.

Abdelrahim Kounda reported that witnesses from the village said that El Nayer El Zein (8) and Hammad Ahmed (7) were shot dead by gunmen while guarding a flock of sheep. They both died instantly, while the gunmen fled.

The villagers formed a search group to track down the perpetrators. The region witnessed the theft of 29 cows before the governor of South Kordofan intervened and formed a committee of the people of Um Heitan to recover the stolen cows. Nine cows were recovered.

The coordination of senior nomads in West Darfur reported that two people were killed and five others were injured in an attack by armed men near Um Kharouba in the Seleia region of Jebel Moon, north of El Geneina, also on Saturday.

The coordination said in a statement yesterday that the attackers, driving a number of four-wheel-drive vehicles, also killed livestock. The gunmen opened fire on shepherds trying to defend their animals and Hamdan Wadaa and Saddam Hamdan died in the shooting. The declaration demanded that nomads and all their property be protected. State security services also demanded rapid intervention and the rescue of people.

In a separate incident, two brothers were killed on Saturday in Misterei, south of El Geneina, by gunmen. In a statement, the High Coordination Committee of the Mahameed (a sub-clan of the Rizeigat) accused paramilitaries from the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) of setting up an ambush which led to the murder of the two brothers, Bashir and Hamdan Khamees. . The statement condemned the attack, calling on the central government in Khartoum, the regional government of Darfur and its security committee to prosecute the perpetrators.

Farmer Abdelazim Bakheet (39) died on Sunday following an armed robbery in the village of Um Karfa, eight kilometers east of Gireida, in southern Darfur. Mohamed Mousa said armed men attacked the victim in the village of Um Karfa with the aim of stealing livestock and when he woke up they shot him, injuring him in the chest and abdomen.

The armed men stole three cows. A force of the police from Gireida and the army set out to search for the culprits and the stolen cows.


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