Radio frequency at WSBK 2021 secure, secure: ministry


Lombok Tengah, NTB (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Communication and Informatics has assured that the radio frequency used in the World Superbike at the Mandalika circuit, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, is safe for the running of the race .

“The frequency of the WSBK event remains monitored and we are making sure that it is safe,” the ministry’s director general of substation resource and equipment management and IT, Dr. Ir Ismail, on the Mandalika circuit in Praya, in central Lombok.

The purpose of radio frequency spectrum monitoring is to secure lines of communication for organizers, broadcasters, camera sensors on racing motorcycles, video cameras on the track and other devices that use such frequencies. , he explained.

“This is to ensure that the use of frequencies does not interfere with existing spectrum license users,” Ismail said.

With the monitoring, it is expected that all frequencies used by existing organizers and users can perform optimally, he added.

“To ensure that this year’s WSBK runs smoothly, the observation is not just about frequencies that have radio broadcast permissions (ISRs), but also internet services and all wireless devices used by them. crews and racing teams, ”he explained.

According to Ismail, the Interim Technical Unit (UPT) of Radio Spectrum Monitoring in Mataram has supported the mobile service frequency bands in the central Lombok sub-districts.

“They guaranteed the coverage of mobile services through test drive facilities,” he added.

Based on the monitoring results, the ministry is confident that the frequency used for mobile communication lines in the region has a strong signal that meets standards, he said. Thus, the entire area of ​​the circuit is covered by cellular services, he said.

“(The support) includes the modernization of the devices and the fleet to secure the telecommunications services for use by all spectators and officials to glorify these activities in Mandalika as widely as possible,” he noted.
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