Rob Delaney defends Home Sweet Home Alone movie


19 November 2021, 15:44 | Updated: November 19, 2021, 3:53 PM

Rob Delaney defends Home Alone Sweet Home.

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The actor and comedian has championed the new Home Alone movie, which he says is both “special” and “truly original”.

Rob delaney spoke about his decision to star in Home Sweet Home Alone and said he can understand why fans are critical.

The actor plays the role of Jeff McKenzie in the new movie, which reimagines the ’90s Christmas classic with Maculay Culkin.

When asked why he chose to star in the film, he replied The Guardian: “When I heard they were going to do a new Home Alone movie, I thought, well, you don’t have to.

“But when I was sent the script, I thought, of course, I’m going to read it. I like to read scripts, good or bad, they help me as a writer.”

The Catastrophe star continued, “I was instantly won over – the script was gorgeous and hilarious. If anyone doubts me, I’d say watch Saturday Night Live skits written by these guys, Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell. . That should worry you. Rest. They are insanely intelligent and inventive.

Watch the trailer here:

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Delaney also thinks the story is “really original” but contains some of the magic that makes previous Home Alone movies so special.

“You have all the wonderfully violent stunts you hope to have in a Home Alone movie – but the story is truly original,” the Deadpool 2 actor added.

“It’s perfectly understandable to be terrified or angry that they’re making a new movie Home Alone – until you see it. I’m at peace with questions like that, because I was like these. people.”

Home Sweet Home Alone was recently criticized by original Home Alone director Chris Columbus himself, who criticized the current Hollywood habit of remaking classic movies.

He said, “In this version of Hollywood that we live in, everyone does everything and reboots everything. I mean, there’s a reboot of Home Alone.”

He added: what is it for? The movie exists, let’s just live with the movie that existed. There is no point in remaking us The Wizard of Oz, there is no point in remaking classic movies. Do something original, because we need more original material. So, useless. ”

Home Sweet Home Alone is available to stream now on Disney +


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