Virgin Radio DJ Christian finally gets his dream Ferrari


Christian Williams spends his life either driving a supercar or at the microphone.

In the latest installment of his monthly automotive column, Virgin Radio DJ and “Britain’s hugest man” finally realizes his life’s ambition.

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Christian writes: Maybe 15 times a week. Sometimes 20. This is how often people say “what’s your favorite car?” “. It’s a question I don’t hesitate to ask if I’m perfectly honest, because the answer has always been sort of Ferrari.

When I was a kid, it was the flared air intakes of the Testarossa that got me hooked. When I was a young adult, it was the classic and unmistakable lines of the Dino. And for ten years, it is the 458.

Christian recently tested an F8 Spider. Photo by Rob Schaverien.

Now I’ve had a couple of jobs over the last decade just so that one day I might be able to buy one, or at least afford a deposit and a huge chunk of the money. ! This month that dream has come true… I finally bought a Ferrari 458 Spider and I haven’t stopped smiling since I got the keys.

Now I’d love to be able to tell you how he behaves, or tell you about the hairpins I’ve drifted, or the looks I have crawling through the rumbling streets of London, but until now he stayed in an underground parking lot until I had time to take him out on the road.

In fact, my first drive was incredibly inglorious – taking him from the back of the truck to the parking spot where it is today. That’s not to say that I haven’t spent ages staring at it or sitting in the front seat smelling the leather.

In fact, I have now found myself making excuses to take out the trash just so I can walk past. It’s just that a car like this craves corners and traffic-free pavements, and my trip to the gas station in central London just wasn’t enough.

That said, I got my dose of Ferrari driving this month after being loaned an F8 Spider… basically my car but two generations later.

With 710 hp under your right foot, it doesn’t half-move and without the outrageous roar of the engine, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re in an electric car given the gravity-defying instant torque.

Bringing it to the island was quite an experience and my apologies to anyone I may have passed in a blurry sunshine yellow.

Driving on Military Road was a lot of fun. I used to drive this road all the time in my old MX-5, but driving my mom around Bembridge with the roof down was just exhilarating.

I also took it to go see the guys at JW Autoshine who gave it a really good wash and detailing, making it stand out even more than it normally would.

Isle of Wight County Press: Christian Williams and the Yellow F8.  Images by Rob Schaverien.

The F8 Spider has even received a facelift from JW Autoshine!

Now, as a petrol enthusiast and superfan, I have driven virtually every Ferrari since the 458 launched in 2009, just to understand how they differ and what their individual characteristics are.

The novelty may have faded slightly now, but what I find really fascinating is how each has developed.

The F8 is definitely a better car in every way and it would make me ground beef on the track, but I would still rather have my 458 because of the normally aspirated engine noise and the feeling you get. If you count your driving memories on smiles at the mile, the 458 with its growling V8 has it in spades.

It all got me thinking if there comes a time when I don’t think about cars? The answer is “not really”.

I should probably think about buying a house but that won’t happen, especially now that I have a Ferrari in the basement.

Instead, I think about what would happen if my lottery numbers came up, because then I might be working on how to go from a 458 Spider to a La Ferrari!

One thing that made me realize is how great some cars are for certain situations.

I was in Battersea recently to host their famous fireworks – an incredible event where 50,000 people come in every night – and when I got back to my car the rear bumper was on fire.

Someone had obviously run into a group of cars and the last one had turned on me. It was then that I realized how happy I was to have driven there in my VW Golf!

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